Guided Surgery

Straumann® coDiagnostiX – a flexible and user-friendly software for 3D diagnostics and implant planning. Straumann® coDiagnostiX is a comprehensive software for 3D diagnostics and implant planning. coDiagnostiX is an integral part of the Straumann® Guided Surgery system and requires scan and surgical templates produced with the Straumann® gonyX.

Flexibility through open system approach coDiagnostiX is an open software system. The library contains implant, abutment and sleeve systems from several major implant manufacturers. Direct data import from 3D CT/DVT scanning according to the widely accepted DICOM standard brings compatibility, and no case fee for external data processing is required.

Sophisticated 2D and 3D visualization and segmentation features coDiagnostiX offers comprehensive 2D and 3D visualization and segmentation functionalities for detailed planning and diagnostics.

This system is universal and allows Dr. El Chaar and the referring doctor to work on any system of choice. What”s more exciting the communication feature between doctors can be done via IPad. For each doctor, Dr. El Chaar will create the study for each patient referred. Doctors can review and exchange comments with Dr. El Chaar via email and he can make adjustments accordingly. Also, in place there is a set up that doctors can access from their facilities via (team viewer) and view the study by appointment and discuss the treatment planning with Dr. El Chaar.

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