dental implants

Full Mouth Reconstruction

No one should have to suffer from missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures or other problems in form and function. These conditions can have symptoms including:

  • Painful mouth sores
  • Bone deterioration in the jaw
  • Difficulty speaking or chewing

If you are currently experiencing any of these problems, Dr. El Chaar may be the solution in advanced dental procedures, which allows for an entire set of prostheses to be placed on just four titanium artificial roots (dental implants) in a faster, less invasive process than traditional implants. In nearly most cases, bone-grafting procedures are not necessary. Your natural bone will grow around the implants, mimic your natural bite, and give you a permanent restoration and a brand new smile!

Dental implants are the best restorations available at replicating the form and function of natural teeth, stimulating your jaw, and promoting bone retention. When you have missing teeth or misaligned dentures, this stimulation doesn’t occur in the proper way, leading to the loss of bone density in your jaw and further oral health issues, not to mention painful side effects.  You have many options available to you for the process and placement of your dental implant(s).

For many of us, dental implant treatment for missing teeth is a new concept, something we never imagined possible. In an age of medical breakthroughs and longer healthier living, it should not be surprising that a lost tooth no longer means a removable partial denture.